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Personal Coaching Programs:

The following is a basic description of each program offered. Simply go to the 'Contact' link to inquire about receiving more information and pricing. Be sure to ask about any promotional offers! 

Life Purpose & Plan Development: Our "flagship" program! This program combines the Life Purpose Discovery and Personal Plan Development programs into one comprehensive set with 18 sessions, the wilderness retreat, and other special bonuses and additional resources!

Career Change Coaching: This program can be purchased in 4 session blocks and is highly customized to help you identify the best career change opportunities for you, learn to attract those opportunities, and develop a strategic plan to obtain the desired career change. Additional resources included.

Business Plan Development: A 12 session program designed to help you develop a business plan you can use. A business plan not approached like an academic exercise, but designed to bring out the passion and heart of why you want to start the business in the first place. We will focus on designing a business that has an exit strategy for you so you can be true business owner and not an employee of your business. Additional resources included.

Personal Plan Development: A 12 session program designed to help you develop a customized plan that will guide you to achieving your highest and most noble desires so you can live each day guided by your plan and purpose. Additional resources included.

Life Purpose Discovery: A 6 session program that starts with 2 sessions designed to prepare you for the 2 day Desert Toad Expeditions wilderness retreat in the amazing and inspiring desert southwest. After disconnecting from life's everyday distractions and with the help of personal attention from your mentor during the retreat, you'll be ready to take full advantage of the remaining 4 sessions to develop your basic life plan and strategy to live your life purpose. Additional resources included.

Quick Start Program: A 4 session program designed to get your off to a quick start helping you to identify your basic purpose, learn to take charge of your life, set goals properly, and begin to develop a personal plan. Additional resources included.



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